by Apryl Niksch

My mission for Vintage Baked Modern blog is to take vintage recipes found in classic cookbooks, vintage magazine clippings or passed down through family generations and update using modern baking methods, tools, and ingredients to capture that old-fashioned taste but simplified for today’s modern bakers. 

I am a life-long baker, cookbook collector, recipe developer, food entrepreneur and commercial baker. After 15 years working in corporate the world, I took my passion for baking and created my first food business, Harvest Circle Workshop where I spent the last 8 years developing all-natural innovative snacks sold throughout the Midwest at Whole Foods Market, cafes, and hospitality groups. In 2020, I started Vintage Baked Modern where I developed gluten-free baking mixes and vegan baked goods for retail and bulk wholesale sales, and commercial baking for the a corporate hospitality client, Parkhurst Dining. 

I’ve always seemed to have an intuition for baking, passed down from my great-grandmother in West Virginia. She was part of both the Ladies Aid Society and the 4-H, and would volunteer to go into other women’s homes to teach them skills such as baking, cooking, preserving food, etc. I’ve been baking since I was a child in my Nan’s kitchen. I remember it all…the sights, the smells, and watching her turn a simple ingredient such as flour, into the most delicious baked good.I realize now that I picked up far more techniques and skills watching this trait passed down from my Nan and mother, that I always just thought everyone knew how to bake -like we did. Most of our baking together was centered around a holiday or after picking fresh fruit or vegetables from our garden or the orchard.

Apryl Niksch

blogger, recipe developer, and food entrepreneur