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Bulk Gluten-Free Cupcake Baking Mix

Bulk Gluten-Free Cupcake Baking Mix

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Bulk mixes & flour to enable your kitchens to easily produce premium gluten-free baked goods.

Our gluten-free baking mixes and flour are kitchen-tested and chef-endorsed; and used in kitchens at all levels of the foodservice industry. Each baking mix starts with our proprietary, gluten-free flour that yields consistently light and tender bakes. 

Handcrafted with all-natural ingredients, our products contain no preservatives, wheat, dairy, nuts, soy, or other allergens – making them ideal for “clean-plate” menus and allergen-free serving stations. 

We provide recipes and scaling charts for your kitchens as well as guidance on customizing recipes to fit your particular needs.

By it’s very nature, gluten-free baking requires a little more care to execute successfully. So with each bag, we provide specific tips and highlight key steps for achieving best results. Upon request, we can even train your bakery staff on-site to best utilize our products.

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