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Cookie Baking Mix

Cookie Baking Mix

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Glass of cold milk not included.

Gluten-free cookies which bake up crispy on the outside with a soft, chewy center! Each bag of our Gluten Free Cookie Baking Mix starts with our handcrafted gluten-free flour blend that yields unexpectedly tender cookies.

Our Gluten Free Cookie Baking Mix is simple to use and is super versatile, too. Just add in your favorite mix-ins like chocolate chips, nuts, or toffee bits to create your own custom cookie creations.

Our gluten-free baking mixes begin with our proprietary gluten-free flour, providing bakers with a superior alternative to similar products that can bake up gummy or flavorless. Included with each mix are easy-to-follow instructions to ensure a light and tender bake every time. Easy-to-follow instructions on each bag. Yield is 15-18 cookies or a quarter-sheet pan of brownies.

Additional gluten-free recipes on our website.

Vintage Baked Modern gluten-free baking mixes are all-natural, allergen-free and do not contain any preservatives. Made in the USA.

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