Makers of premium,
gluten-free baking mixes.

Simple & delicious gluten-free baking solutions for the home baker and foodservice industry.

Vintage Baked Modern is a specialty baking company serving customers at all levels: foodservice, retailers, and at-home bakers. Our innovative baking mixes make it simple to consistently produce a wide range of premium gluten-free bakery items; without sacrificing taste or texture.

What makes our products unique:

  • unique, handcrafted gluten-free flour

    Every product we make contains our proprietary gluten-free flour; developed to ensure a light and tender bake every time.

  • only all-natural ingredients

    No processed commercial baked goods filled with chemicals and artificial flavors... only the flavor and simplicity of yesteryear.

  • vintage flavors made modern

    We start with classic recipes found in vintage cookbooks and heirloom recipe cards; and update them for today's palates and specialty diets.


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